How to watch 3D no glasses tutorial. YouTube videos, movies, trailers. Cross-eye, VR, Red/Blue 2015

How to watch 3D no glasses videos movies and trailers tutorial 2015.
Cross-eye, VR and red/blue anaglyph HD modes supported.
Watch 3D videos movies and trailers in 3D right now!
Also works with VR headsets and 3D red/blue glasses.
… New for 2015 … (360 degree video and external SD card support in next update)
… 3D movies and video streams over any VR headset (Cardboard, Dive, etc), cross-eye and 3D glasses
… Live polynomial warp controls to eliminate any lens distortion
… Live orientation controls to eliminate any sensor drift
… Plays 3D movies and trailers 3D video streams and songs directly from your device
… Stream 3D playlists and stream 3D videos directly from YouTube
… Full immersion IMAX 3D geometry
… True Stereoscopic 3D VR video full immersion mode
… True Color Stereoscopic Anaglyph mode
… True Autostereoscopic (Auto3D/Crosseye) full screen mode
… Handsfree heads-up display (HUD) VR user interface
… Zoom and Pan&Scan and other cinematographic controls to create infinite self directed movie versions.
… Plays all side-by-side (SBS) 3D video formats
… Plays all over/under (OU) 3D video formats
… Plays all regular 2D movies with IMAX optics
… Plays all 2D and 3D movie formats over VR, Anaglyph, Auto3D and 2D
… Dual 3D audio visualizers for videos
… Live external camera view with chronometer and battery displays

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