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How Avengers: Endgame Sets up Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 (Spoilers) …

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    Movies That Can Be Found In This Video:

    0:05 – THE FINATIC Official Trailer (2019) John Trevolta, Psycho Thriller

    1:27 – A SCORE TO SETTLE Official Trailer (2019) Nicolas Cage

    2:36 – WU ASSASSINS Official Trailer (2019) Netflix

    4:32 – ROTTEN ROMANS Official Trailer (2019) Amazon Comedy

    6:33 – ABIGAIL Official Trailer (2019) New Fantasy

    8:54 – THE BOYS – Heroes vs Civilians Trailer (2019) Amazon

    11:25 – LIGHT OF MY LIFE Official Trailer (2019) Apocalyptic Thriller

    13:47 – GEMINI MAN Official Trailer & Featurette Trailer (2019) Will Smith

    17:21 – THE MUMMY: Rebirth Official Trailer (2019) Indie Film

    18:41 – THE DARK CRYSTAL 2 Official comic-Con Trailer (2019) Netflix

  2. petros computers

    Im just so tired and annoyed by these CGI movies which they dont look real ,the graphics in movie industry should wait longer for improvements ,remember aliens ? Terminator ? Old Star wars They were using puppets and lot of hard work ,these movies today are pure crap computer generated

  3. JW

    I fucking hate youtube and all their fucking fucked up advertisements, popups and all of those fucking useless interruptions!!! It's fucking bullshit!!! fucking assholes!!!

  4. Susan Dolan

    If it weren't an Ang Lee movie Gemini Man might be good. For the most part an Ang Lee movie is blow sh*t up, blow sh*t up, blow sh*t up, dialogue, blow sh*t up, blow sh*t up, blow sh*t up, dialogue, plot twist, blow sh*t up. I'd rather pop in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon…the last good movie he made.


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