THE SHAPE OF WATER | Official Trailer | FOX Searchlight

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  1. Michael Mendoza

    Thisbis the stupidest thing I ever wasted my time seeing. Didn't even finish watching the film of how fucking stupid and ridiculous the plot is. The producer and director really sold out on this one. We can all clearly see the message being protrayed. Disgusting and disturbing to say the least.

  2. LiziLLusioN

    Returning to the trailer because the promiscuous scenes tainted my perception of the movie when I first saw it. After the fact, I've learned to love it, and now I really want to watch it again with this new perspective!

  3. GalloY

    I’ve seen the film, it was good but rushed and incomplete in my opinion. The writing of the characters didn’t have much depth which left them seeming a bit empty.

  4. Code Z

    Oh my call me an old fashion or whatever but the movie got me cringing the whole time it’s creepy af, not for once I felt there is something romantic going on , it was like the girl tease the creature and then bang it
    Ok whatever the others think that’s upto them


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