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Upcoming Movies That Can Be Found In This Video: 0:05 – ELI Trailer (2019) Netflix, Horror 2:12 – 6 UNDERGROUND Trailer (2019) Michael Bay – REMOVED.

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    Upcoming Movies That Can Be Found In This Video:

    0:05 – ELI Trailer (2019) Netflix, Horror

    2:12 – 6 UNDERGROUND Trailer (2019) Michael Bay

    5:08 – WAR OF THE WORLDS Trailer (2020)

    5:45 – TERMINATOR 6 Trailer #4 (2019)

    8:05 – MALEFICENT 2 War Trailer (2019) Disney

    9:28 – BREAKING BAD MOVIE Trailer (2019)

    11:29 – FROZEN 2 – Elsa Song Trailer (2019)

    5:35 – STRANGER THINGS Season 4 Trailer (2020) Teaser

  2. Binge Planet

    hollywood deliberately wanted to ruin the terminator. they got all the hyspanic actors they could find to play in the terminator movie. Im latino myself, and I dont even like seing hispanics playing what was always been american white movie.

  3. bob bobby

    The war of the worlds forest scenes were filmed in the beach trails in my town in Liverpool.
    Yes Liverpool has beaches and woods.
    They left the crashed pod there for months.

  4. craig davidson

    I took my teenage kids to the terminator film, happy to say that they wanted to leave the theatre 40 minster into the viewing. It was painful to watch such an iconic film having the heart ripped out of just to be SJW worthy. Now the "new" War of the world's hitting our screens…based on HG Wells….excellent book. the BBC did a cough version in the 80's called Tripods… was god awful. Hope this homage will not be PC-Doctored to have "you know who's and you know what's" in it.

  5. SulkierPit7

    So i see that description and pinned comment have wrong times, so i will correct it:
    0:00 – Eli trailer
    2:11 – War of the worlds trailer
    2:50 – Feminator: Dark feminism trailer
    5:12 – The fairy tale trailer
    6:30 – El Camino a breaking bad movie trailer
    8:30 – Frozen 2 trailer
    12:04 – Stranger things 4 trailer

    If there are any mistakes just let me know.

  6. General Umbungo President for Life

    Let me guess. The BBC WOTW will be about extinction rebellion. Those damn industrialists polluting the world, aliens coming to punish us and hippies fighting back for the win. Hey Disney, how come Elsa isn't black yet? Saving the race swap for the third movie are we? As for that old crone who "hunts terminators", hypocrite. You complain about ICE yet you fired more shots at a Mexican in that clip than ICE probably has in their whole existence.

  7. Bastion Robin

    Disney’s Dark Souls, also what’s the deal with sequels to movies having some story by a parent that will explain the plot, why was it not explained in the first movie, or some new threat. Also Stranger Things only goes to the upside down when they could expand on this parallel world idea.


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