Black Panthern (Pak Panter) | Turkish Full Movie (English Subtitles)

Black Panthern (Pak Panter)| Turkish Full Movie (English Subtitles)

Subject of the Movie:
Russia, the cold head country of the Commonwealth of Independent States, is a country where our energy minister is kidnapped and “hosted”. This task is a risky duty and the minister must be rescued.
For this, the most experienced and talented agents that our country grows under special laboratory conditions are needed. The President, Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers apply to Fahrettin Bey, the head of the intelligence. Fahrettin Bey gives this national duty to two pure spies named SPP and PP7. Agents accidentally land in Azerbaijan instead of Russia, where they meet Gülinaz and his nephew Selma. Across agents are the Russian mafia, Mossad, CIA and Gagarin. The problem is bigger than the state thinks. Let’s see if he can save our two cronies of energy from the trap he fell.

Director: Murat Aslan
Cast: Metin Zakoğlu, Erdal Tosun, Doğa Rutkay
Genre: Comedy


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