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Billy Dannreuther is a formerly-wealthy American who has fallen on hard times.
He is reluctantly working with four crooks: Peterson, Julius O’Hara, Major Jack Ross and Ravello, who are trying to acquire uranium-rich land in British East Africa.
Billy suspects that Major Ross murdered a British Colonial officer who threatened to expose their plan.
While waiting in Italy for passage to Africa, Billy and his wife Maria meet a British couple, Harry and Gwendolen Chelm, who plan to travel on the same ship.
Harry seems a very proper and traditional Englishman, while Gwendolen is flighty and a compulsive fantasist.
Billy and Gwendolen have an affair, while Maria flirts with Harry.
Peterson becomes suspicious that the Chelms may be attempting to acquire the uranium themselves.
Though this is untrue, it seems confirmed by Gwendolen, who lies about her husband and exaggerates his importance.

Film’s Name: Beat the Devil – 1953

After the party land, they are questioned by a Scotland Yard detective, who is investigating the murder of the Colonial officer.
Just as he seems taken in by Peterson’s smooth talk, Gwendolen reveals Peterson’s scheme, his involvement in the murder and his attempt to kill Harry.
The detective promptly arrests Peterson, O’Hara, Ross, and Ravello.
As the four crooks are led away in handcuffs, Gwendolen receives a telegram from British East Africa saying that Harry has acquired the land where Peterson and the others were aiming to enrich themselves; he is now extremely wealthy and willing to forgive Gwendolen.
Billy laughs happily, saying “This is the end, the end!”

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