READY OR NOT | Red Band Trailer [HD] | FOX Searchlight

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On Digital November 26. Pre-order now: On Blu-ray December 3. Pre-order now: READY OR NOT …

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  1. Alfman12

    "I can't honestly wait to be rich white bitch in your all white bitch's family" Now kiss me lover. Great plot i love it. "it's just something we do when someone new joins the family" So the family is so happy that she joined that they want to kill her and risk loosing several mambers for a great great reason……….that they forgot to add, oh there's a ritual. That is so original. Also aren't there windows in that big-ass mansion? Or they just closed them all before she could see them and escape because something was clearly wrong here? The windows couldn't possibly be closed when she arrived and they weren't closed while she was there because than shw would definetly see them closing them and suspect something. And why couldn't they just…..kidnapp her? Why pretend they are a happy family and than perform a fucking ritual? JUST KIDNAPP THE DAMN GIRL! "DO YOU THINK THIS IS A FUCKING GAME??!!" Relax just get another stupid blond over to the mansion, oh oh i bet they have a reason for keeping her, maybe she's apart of something bigger than herself..Oh guess not, 2:05 "You're JUST another sacrifice" Than why the fuck is everyone freaking out? Just murder her and get done with it!


    Der horror und der comedy Keis ist bestimmt langweilig. Ich habe seid Casino, Heat, Goodfellas, The Exorcist (1973) und seid The Wolf Of Wall Street keinen guten film bis jetzt gesehen und im Jahr 2019 kommt so ein missssst raus, ich meine es ernst, was-das? Sogar ich wurde einen besseren film bei mir zuhause mit meinen freunden drehen. Die frau da lies die waffe fallen und sagte: Ich kann so einfach nicht, sie hat es so gesagt als hätte sieauf eine puppe schiessen müssen und nicht auf einen menschen, sie hat sich wie eine 3 Jährige verhalten und so was soll ich mir ansehen? Nein, danke! Lieber guck ich mir Asterix, oder wrestling an. Das Playgirl weibchen will so aussehen wie Robbie Margot, aber sie kann nicht, weil sie nicht in den film The Wolf of Wall Street nicht mitgespielt hat :D

  3. Jeffrey Michael

    As you get older you start to realize there are only 12 movies and they keep rehashing them with better CGI and slicker editing. The music score is generally the same. The acting gets worse. The formula gets some alt tweaks and language gets more foul. Its sad.


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