The Aviator (2004) Official Trailer #1 – Leonardo DiCaprio

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  1. Sabrina Hutt

    Jamie Foxx did NOT deserve the Oscar that year. His performance of Ray wasn’t all that impressive. Completely underwhelming. Leonardo DiCaprio BECAME Howard Hughes. And the way he portrayed Hughes’ OCD was absolutely phenomenal. Spot on accurate.

  2. Sunny

    It was irrelevant for him to be naked in his room. I liked the earlier production of Hughes. His money could not buy him the 2 important thing, health and happiness. There should be a law if a billioner does not leave a will give the money to the starving children. The money is used by a greedy bank since what 1977? Crazy.

  3. Ali Qazilbash

    Man of focus and stamina. Was great at abstracting ideas. Thrill seeking/ adventurer. Suffered OCD, “sensation” or feeling of being in a grip. Stuck in between the “micro-macro” limbo. A combination of medication, stress, poor appetite. Breathing exercise, “directional speech” would have helped imho

  4. Maria Wyatt

    Lol interesting movie but some details are wrong. He lived in a clean home nothing out of place. He rarely left his chair but he loved his raisin little debbies snack cakes and mr pibb


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